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Will Apps Overtake the Desktop Web?

In what will likely come as no surprise, people are spending a lot of time using apps amid the COVID-19 lockdowns around the world. During the lockdown, most of us have gone to different applications – particularly those with video call capacities. 

Close-up of tourist using mobile up for travelling while sitting on sofa with suitcase with packed clothes

Like many tech products, dating apps have done strikingly well during the pandemic.

We observe fast responses from dating app companies such as Tinder, Match and Fuckbook App when lockdown measures were introduced.

This shift has increased the number of app users and the number of time people spend on apps.

The web and apps are close to mirroring one another. Every year new apps are created, while the number of apps that are of a certain size drops as people use more and more apps that are free. The old saying, “the web is the app store for the desktop,” is no longer true. It’s no secret that smartphones have become the primary way we use our computers. But there was a time when the computer was king.

While everyone loves apps, desktop Web apps are still a popular part of many people’s daily lives. From banking to messaging to even gaming, many prefer to access their favorite apps on their desktop instead of on-screen. However, many desktop sites and applications have yet to offer their services via an app. This is where the question arises: will desktop web apps become obsolete?

Let’s get to know first what an App is.

Apps, as long as they’re the right kind, can be a good thing. They can also be a bad thing. What makes good apps is one that’s easy to use, and bad apps are one that’s too complex. That’s what we’ll be talking about.

iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices are available for all sorts of uses, from surfing the web to watching videos. But apps save the day for some specific tasks, like organising, scheduling, and tracking them. They’re more useful than you might think.

The Apple App Store has more than 1.1 million apps and games, amounting to a record-breaking $26 billion in receipts in the last 12 months. But what are the most popular apps? In the world of mobile applications, there are three main forces at work; Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Each company has its own version of the app store, the App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Store respectively.

Apps are one of the most popular and common ways to interact with the Internet. They’re downloaded for free and run on just about every smartphone, tablet, and computer. Apps allow users to do just about anything online, from ordering a pizza to finding directions, and they’re often used for things that would be impossible without them.

Will apps overtake the desktop web?  

In our view, the biggest threat to the desktop web comes from the decline of desktop web browsers. Yes, the popularity of mobile apps is growing, but that’s not the threat. It’s not the apps; it’s the fact that people are starting to prefer them over the web. Will apps overtake the desktop web? It’s a common question that scares many people, but it’s not necessarily a dire one. Yes, …